Welcome to the Canton of Farhaven.

Welcome to the Current Middle Ages!  We are the Canton of Frahaven which includes the entire island of Hawaii.  We are part of the Barony of Western Seas within the Kingdom of Caid, the sixth kingdom in the Society for Creative Anachronism. Its modern boundaries include Southern California, Southern Nevada and Hawaii.  If you are new to the SCA and wonder what this all about, we recommend that you start with our Newcomers Guild, or email us for more information.

If you're in Farhaven and want to participate we have many different activities; from costuming and feasting to archery and swordplay. We have regular events on the second Saturday of odd numbered months in various locations.  There is also sword fighting practices in Hilo and Oceanview on many Sundays.

You can find us on Facebook as Canton of Farhaven (Big Island) or just email us at seneschal@farhaven.org


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